About Us

Telecorp, Inc. is an North American emerging technology company headquartered in New York, NY. with operations in over six countries. The company was formally incorporated on April 13, 2009 in the Province of Ontario, Canada.  On April 13, 2009.

Over the last few years, Telecorp has developed a large and diverse network and affiliations that include software products and services that provide high level solutions and branding for leading businesses worldwide. This extended network of solutions and services include branding awareness campaigns, website design and development, complete video recording and production, cloud solutions and software-as-a-service (SaaS), electronic message delivery and integrations, data storage, analytics and data recovery. 

In 2016, under new management, Telecorp shifted its business focus and strategy to begin pursuing acquisitions in higher-value, specific digital technologies in proven markets.  As a part of this business transition, the Company initiated a strategy to acquire and develop a variety of businesses to broaden services, products and talent into the company.

Companies that will be considered for acquistion  are required to have 3 main qualities: they must be progressive and established in the digital marketplace, they are built upon innovative or disruptive technology and, they also must be able to scale both quickly and profitably.

Telecorp’s planned offerings  are in the categories of digital video and animation production, e-health communications, media entertainment, e-travel services, hi-tech manufacturing, mobile-optimized product solutions, technology consulting and social analytics, data and design including CRM and ERP implementation and customization, e-magazine editorials and campaigns, and end-to-end solutions for hard asset portfolio management, among others.

Management and Leadership Team

Mr. Jason Cataldo, President, CEO & Director, has over 20+ years’ senior management experience. He has previously held management positions at AMC Group, JAC Group and CPG Financial.  Mr. Cataldo has extensive experience in e-commerce, healthcare, finance, and mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Cataldo focused on Marketing and Business Management at Montclair State University.

Eduard Nazmie, PhD. Economic Sciences, Director, currently holds positions of Associate Professor and Head of Economics Laboratory and Management of Academy of Sciences as well as Deputy Chief Editor of the Scientific Journal for Regional Economics. Dr. Nazmie’s expertise includes development of socio-economic programs, development of investment programs and intellectual property, and has organized management structures, manufacturing and operational systems.

Ms. Darla Gullons, Administrative Officer, founded and has been President of her investment firm,  Gullons Investments Ltd., since 1994. Previously, she spent over 15 years as an Executive Administrator working with Managing Directors and Presidents at Marsh & McClennan Insurance Brokers, Price Waterhouse Coopers and Sprung Structures International.